Courses You Can Take Up To Prepare For Professional Accounting Qualifications

Courses You Can Take Up To Prepare For Professional Accounting Qualifications

Learning to account in Singapore is said to be one of the toughest phases that a student can go through. One has to complete a CCA (Certificate Course in Accounts) which is offered by ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) to have a prominent career in the department of accounts. You may alternatively study CA (Chartered Accounts) to have a similar career in Singapore. While ACCA courses are accepted worldwide the CA courses are only accepted nationwide.

One of the prominent reasons for people to choose ACCA courses is for the kind of recognition it has globally. The two-year course requires you to also complete three years of practicing experience before you become a qualified accountant. A qualified accountant is also essentially a member of ACCA which has global recognition as well as standards.

To be able to start with ACCA courses you may have to do some accounting short courses which would make the process of becoming a qualified accountant easier. We see below a few courses which you may take up in Singapore before you get started with either CCA recognized by ACCA or a CA course. These courses are also known as preparatory courses taken before professional qualification.

Top institutes and accounting short courses offered

FTMSGlobal Singapore – Preparatory course for  Chartered Accountant

Since CA is not an easy course in its rights, people often consider taking up this preparatory course before starting with CA. Since its initial establishment in Singapore which was in the year 1986, it was the world’s first institution offering online accounting courses for students to qualify for ACCA. The course was also designed, developed, and delivered for students from all over the world. The FTMS is also EduTrust certified which makes it quite an important ATO (Authorized Training Organization) in Singapore for accounting short courses.

Fees for the Course: To be directly enquired with the educational agency offering the course.

Curriculum: Capstone module which is also known as the integrative business and the 4 technical modules that are covered in this course includes the professional part of the chartered accountant subjects. The person completing this course can find the going a lot easier when compared to other students learning CA.

Course Duration: The entire duration of the course is 4 months with 3 of them towards technical and with 1 month towards revision.

Kaplan Singapore — FIA (Foundation in the field of Accountancy) Preparation Courses

If you are a student who chooses to pursue any course with ACCA you can choose first learn CAT. Upon completion of this course, you can get a direct entry to the skills level applied for the ACCA course. As platinum approved partner in learning with ACCA, Kaplan Singapore has also been awarded for their excellent contribution in this field back in 2018. This institution is also EduTrust certified making it one of the most esteemed educational institutions for accounting short courses in Singapore.

Fees for the Course: The course fees for the same can be enquired with the specific educational agency as the fee structure differs from one another.

Course Duration: Each module can contain about 13-20.

Prospects for Students: Students who can complete this course become FIA qualified and can get jobs with any accounting industry that depends on their successful number of qualifications. These students can also be eligible for enrolment with ACCA qualifications. Job wise, they can gain entry-level accounting jobs which have to do with roles with junior accounting, supervisory, and bookkeeping and management roles.

In case you are seeking accounting short courses as a part-time option then the below option may suit you better.

Singapore Polytechnic – Business Practice Diploma (Accounting)

In case you are already in the accounting department or if you are the one choosing to upgrade your skills to take up an accounting job this course may be suitable for you. Overview of fundamental accounting, data analysis and IT, audit and assurance, and other fundamentals related to businesses are provided in this course. To apply for this course, you would be required to take up an interview along with an entrance test. Furthermore, students would be required to carry a laptop for these accounting short courses.

Fees for the Course: If you are eligible for certain initiatives then your course fee might be lesser. If you are a local below the age of 40 your fees would be different and for students above the age of 40, it would be much lesser. In case of you being a PR (Permanent Resident), you would be required to pay a higher fee. You may choose to enquire with the organization to confirm the fee structure as well.

Curriculum: The entire course comprises 5 certifications.

Duration of the Course: For any student, it will take 2.5 years at a minimum and 5 years at max to complete these courses.

Prospects for Students: Upon completion of this diploma graduation students can further apply with SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences) for undergraduate part-time courses.

For a better understanding of what courses to take up that are relevant to accounting, you would have to do detailed research. This research on accounting short courses can be done on the internet which would help you find the appropriate course available for you with different educational firms.