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Why would anyone want to study pure or applied science? Anyone interested in finding new solutions for life on earth would certainly be interested in these subjects. As humans, we are the only species that strives to use science for the betterment of us as well as other species in the world. We also try to use what nature gives us for our benefits. Unless you know the theories of science you cannot use what is available in nature in the best manner. Those who have an inclination for studying how things work and to find the reason behind everyday events can study this bachelor's course and benefit from it.

There are many bachelor's degree courses in applied and pure science that are available at the various universities in Singapore. Anyone who wants to apply for a bachelor's course in these subjects must have studied the subject in secondary school. The subjects available for learning include pure science subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, etc. In the applied science courses, you can study biomedical sciences, food science, and technology, sports science, etc. What is more important than your qualification is an interest to study the subject and use it in your career.

The job opportunities for a graduate in applied and pure science are immense. Depending on the subject that you choose you may join companies that conduct research or those in which they manufacture things that use the principles of science.