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Fashion designing has become a highly valuable qualification to have today. With global garment industries exploding, the demand for qualified fashion designers is very heavy. Fashion design degree courses prepare you to meet the demand for good professionals. With everyone going after branded clothing and accessories the opportunities are only bound to increase.

Fashion designing is not just about designing a garment or an accessory. It is also about working out the commercial viability of the design and the product. Tap Enrol’s fashion design degree courses will expose you to all the aspects with regard to fashion designing. The course teaches you to identify an opportunity keeping in mind both the creative side and the commercial value.

Tap Enrol’s fashion design degree helps to explore your creativity as a fashion designer while also exposing you to the trends worldwide. It will also give you an opportunity to experiment with your skills while also training you in communicating your designs both verbally and visually. This helps when you are going into the garment designing business. The fashion design degree offered by Tap Enrol will make you realize your creative potential as well as your business acumen.

Various opportunities await a student who completes Tap Enrol’s fashion design degree. The opportunities in the garment industry include becoming a creative head or a merchandiser. You can become a fashion buyer or fashion product developer. The students who have passed out from our courses have managed to get themselves places at a very good position in global brands.

It is here that a musician starts to learn music as a study program. He gets to know the techniques and the science behind the sound. For those who want to become musicians, their natural flair is tested and fine-tuned accordingly. They decide as to what instrument they want to specialize in and learn that.

A student of music need not necessarily become musicians. There are various avenues available to use his music as a profession. Music therapy is gaining popularity all over the world. Private music teachers are very much in demand now. Even music recordists and broadcasters are expected to have learned music.

In the Bachelor’s course, the student learns the actual designing process using various tools and software. He understands the fundamentals of design. He learns to actually design and sees how it looks on paper. He is also taught the various avenues available for an interior designer.

He learns to find out where his specialty lies in. He is taught to understand spaces and how they can be converted into beautiful interiors. The student also gets acquainted with the various materials that are used and how they are integrated with the total design. Different types of interior designs are also taught to him.

During this course, the student learns the techniques of dancing and the right movements. They are also taught the skills required for all types of contemporary dancing. They learn to perform individually and in groups. They start to feel and act as performers. They are taught how to properly convey to the audience, what they want to convey.

In the Bachelor’s course students also learn how to choreograph. They learn how to make others dance and how to manage a professional troop of dancers and theatre artists. The artists also learn the history of dance and theatre and the forms of these arts from different parts of the world.

The bachelor’s degree starts with the basic teaching of arts. It helps students to draw or sculpt in a more scientific manner. It teaches about the proportions of the human body and other things. It teaches the students the basics of using various materials and how they behave. The students learn to paint different types of paintings like portraits, scenery, murals, etc.

During the course, they learn art forms from different parts of the world. They are taught how to use their knowledge for commercial purposes. They become knowledgeable about the use of their talent for specific professions.