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Laying the foundation for a person's future is not only a noble thing to do but also very satisfying. You know that what you are doing is going to help these children to do well in school, college, and in their lives. That is the importance of early childhood education. Unlike earlier days much importance is being given this education which is given to the child up to the age of 8. The impact you can have on society is immense and this is what you can do if you earn a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. This is one of the courses in education that is in high demand and is available in many of the universities in Singapore. Other degree courses in education will help you become a good teacher either in school or out of it.

While a degree in education can get you a job in the educational institutions you will need to specialize in a subject if you want to teach. You must have completed your A-level to get admission to the bachelor's degree courses for education. Based on your specialization in secondary education you can join for a bachelor of education courses with specialization in a particular subject. These courses will make you skilled enough in teaching at the school level. There is always a demand for good teachers and you can surely get a job in any of the schools in Singapore. You can also teach outside of school at private tuition centers or giving tuitions at home.