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Most people join an English degree course because of their passion for the language. The rich literature in the language is reason enough to join the course. But there are a lot of career opportunities for an English degree holder. A degree in English literature is still a highly desirable qualification for the media industry. Whether you are in print or digital media, an English degree can be of great support. With the increasing number of digital media, the chances are getting brighter day by day. Even if you don't want to join the media organization you can chart your path by becoming active in blogging and social media. Good English is always welcome in such segments.

The increase in digital media and online presence of business has also increased the need for good content. There is more demand for good writers in English today than ever before. You can use your proficiency in the language from your home itself as a freelance writer. Whatever be the subject on which you are writing, good language is very important. An English degree can also see you placed in various other jobs like PR companies, event management companies, book publishers, etc. You can also become a good English teacher with a bachelor's degree if you can get an additional qualification in teaching. Governments also require people who are good in English because of the number of publications they produce every year. All these publications are released in English mainly.