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The bachelor's degree in law is the minimum law qualification you must get for practicing law. The course covers all aspects of law like labor law, criminal law, contractual law, family law, legal writing, etc. Though once you have secured the degree you can legally practice in a court of law, you will be required to undergo a lot of practice under seniors before you can handle a case in the court on your own. But the degree opens up various career opportunities to people who are not keen about practicing law in the courts. Various companies prefer to have lawyers aboard to take care of their legal matters. Business law has got much scope as companies try to fight off legal cases against them. Most of these get settled out of court.

Singapore offers LLB and also offers a bachelor of business degree with the law as one of the subjects. Having a law degree is also very useful for those wishing to become chartered accountants though you cannot practice both. A law degree is also very useful for people who wish to head the HR department in big corporates. Labor law is one of the major branches of law. Large companies spend a large amount of money settling disputes with employees. A person with a law degree can help them in drawing up contracts and finalizing agreements with employees. It will also help in making their employing procedures compliant to the local laws in Singapore.