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A bachelor’s course student is taught many applications of mass communication. This will include journalism and marketing which are the two main areas where this stream finds importance. Both these places call for targeted communication. The advertisement industry also seeks degree holders in mass communication. Effective communication is the mainstay of all advertising.

Students are taught the usage of various platforms for communications. They are told how to exploit social media, the online markets, and other forms of media for marketing a product or service. Basics of journalism are also taught.

In a Bachelor’s Degree, you start from the basics as this is the first time you will be studying this subject as a specialization. You will get to learn about the media, the film industry, and the techniques of photography.

You will be taught the changes happening in the media and film industry with a special emphasis on photography. Photography techniques and how to use them in films and other media will also be taught. Other aspects of filmmaking like working on the different angles for photography and getting the right background score will also be dealt with. You will be made ready to directly go into the film or media industry as a professional.

Students studying this course are taught to use the different software tools available for Graphic Design. They will also get to practice the various tools used in drawing. Here students learn coding and designing. They are taught about how each profession uses knowledge. They will know how different industries are making use of graphic design.

The Bachelor students gain proficiency in Typography, drawing, 2-D and 3-D designs, advertising design, and computer graphics. They get to use the design labs and work closely to create their own projects. There are various professional avenues like art direction, graphic designing, and web designing for a Bachelor Design Degree holder.

The Bachelor’s degree course is the first stage for a student to step into the world of multimedia. Here they learn to create animations, artwork, compose audio, and combine all these for a game or animation effect. Students will learn about 2-D and 3-D designing. They will also learn the production and execution of projects.

Students of this course will also get an opportunity to construct their own games and use it as a portfolio to show it to future employers. The career options are huge with more and more gaming companies entering the market.