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There are many ways in which applied and pure sciences are used. One of the main applications of applied science is in the preparation and preservation of food items. The courses teach students to cook and also the nutritional values of different food items. The course also gives a lot of importance to the preservation of food without allowing it to go wasted. The course will give enough knowledge to the students about various food items and how they are used. The students will also learn how they must be cooked to get the best nutritional value out of them. Cooking is a vocation that has much value nowadays.

Joining a diploma course is more advantageous for those whose aim is to get employed soon. Diploma courses focus on employment rather than research. Such courses will quickly equip the student with skills that can land a job soon. Diploma courses in pure science subjects like chemistry can see you land a job in a chemical manufacturing company or pharmaceutical companies where chemicals are in use. You could also become a chemical analyst in laboratories meant for that purpose. A diploma in zoology can see you becoming a zookeeper or work at an animal farm.

The job opportunities are many and you will have better practical knowledge after a diploma course. You can apply for the diploma course in applied or pure sciences in Singapore armed with your A-level certificate.