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The diploma courses in beauty care will give you knowledge about the various products used for beauty care. You can get training in formulating these products and also in their proper use. You can learn about the various raw materials that are used for the manufacture of cosmetics. More importantly, you will also learn about the regulations in the use of their ingredients. You will learn a lot about skincare in the diploma course. You can learn what effects different ingredients have on different skin types. This will help you in joining a beauty salon or spa as an expert. As you learn about the raw materials you can also hope to get a job in a cosmetic manufacturer.

The diploma in beauty treatments will give you in-depth knowledge about various treatments that are offered at beauty salons. You will learn about how to administer the treatments and what care you must take when doing so. You will learn to apply various types of masks and what effect they give for the client. The diploma course will also teach you about skin types and what treatments are required for skincare. This course is very useful because it will teach you about how to use make-up for people of different ages and colors. You can learn about skin tones and body shapes in this course. This will help you greatly if you want to start your beauty salon or work in one.