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The diploma course deals with the various aspects of IT security. Students are taught infrastructure security management, governance and risk compliance, network security essentials, and internet security. The course equips the students to prevent and manage any kind of attack on the data or network.

Many diploma courses are available which are job-oriented. The students are trained to go to work straight after the course. The students will learn the tools and techniques to avoid an attack. They can do server, network, and endpoint security assessment and management. The diploma can get the holder many jobs in the cyber-security department.

This course teaches the student's server configuration, computer connections, and network installations. He learns the basics of computers and how the software works in it. The diploma holder also learns the basics of programming and a little about correcting software if needed. They also learn about collecting and analyzing data.

The diploma holder can get jobs as a software developer, programmer, data analyst, computer engineer, system analyst, and many others. The opportunities exist both in software firms as well as other companies.

The diploma course aims at teaching the students to understand the structure of datasets and databases. The student is introduced to programming languages like R and Python. He also acquires the ability to analyze the available data using machine learning and statistical methods. He learns to work with databases and datasets.

The career opportunities are immense. Companies are looking for people who will help them analyze the data available and give it to them in a way that they can use to improve the performance of their companies.