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A Diploma in Fashion Design at TapEnrol is designed to help our students visualize the overall aspects of Fashion Design as well as get them well equipped with creativity and innovation. The course involves drawing and design processes, textiles techniques for Fashion Marketing.

The concept is to help our students develop a great deal of innovation and professionalism in terms of their outlook as well as their approach towards Fashion Design.

A diploma course will teach different students differently. An instrumentalist will be taught how to play his instrument in various performances. He will be taught to perform solo, in a choir, or in an orchestra. A vocalist will be taught languages to understand the songs, along with his music lessons. One who intends to become a composer will be given lessons on techniques.

A diploma course is more job-oriented. It prepares the musician for the job he wants to enter. Either as a musician, a music teacher, or a conductor. It will allow students to experiment with different styles and perfect his music.

This course makes one ready to start designing independently. It makes the student see a space and explore the possibilities of converting it into a beautiful interior. They are taught to combine creativity with technology. They are taught how interior designers need to collaborate with builders and architects.

The students get an opportunity to participate in workshops and expand their knowledge. He is also given practical knowledge by giving an opportunity to work with professionals. They are taught to realize their specialization and helped to put together a portfolio that will help in their future employment.

The diploma course increases the chance of employment for a dance or theatre performer. He is taught a lot about the history of the art forms in the country. He also studies a little about dance forms all over the world. The course also informs the student more about the employment and commercial opportunities of the arts.

A Diploma student gets to lay a strong foundation of his creativity and technique in this course. This course enables an individual to develop further all by himself. The course gives a good head start to those who aspire to take it up as a profession.

The course begins with a common study of techniques that can be used by all visual art students. The next level will concentrate on expanding individual capabilities in the exact art form pursued by the student. This will help him understand his medium better and use its unlimited scope to express emotions.

As this course is also aimed at getting an artist ready for professional work, he is taught how to use his skills for various jobs. As an artist, he can add value to many industries. The course will concentrate on giving him that knowledge and prepare him to join a job immediately.