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Tropical medicine deals with peculiar health problems faced by people living in tropical countries like Singapore. Because of the unique weather conditions, the population here suffers from various problems that are not known in other places. The diploma course for research in tropical medicine and health helps those qualified in medicine to further study these diseases. The elderly in our society need special care. They have spent their lifetime contributions to society and they need to have a happy and healthy life when they are too old to be active. The diploma in community care for the elderly will train you in these subjects. You will learn to give health advice to the old people along with lifestyle suggestions to make their life easier and painless.

Those who are already qualified in management can study the diploma in healthcare management which will make them more competent in managing hospitals and healthcare facilities. This diploma can offer you great job opportunities in the large multispecialty hospitals in Singapore and abroad. There are also diploma courses in alternative medical practices like TCM. The course will equip you to practice a particular branch of medicine and also manage the clinics well. The other common diploma courses in Singapore are in nursing, clinical supervision, and clinical trials. All of these offer great career opportunities in Singapore and other countries. There are also many diploma courses in allopathy medical practices where a degree is not necessary.