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The world has become a much smaller place today thanks to excellent communication and accessibility to the remotest corners of the earth. All countries are dependent on each other for various economical reasons. But at the same time, you cannot say that their relationships are always warm. A study in international relations will put you in a place where you can be part of the group that tries to thaw the relationships and ensure world peace. A diploma in international relations can be studied at various institutions in Singapore. It is a course that has great job opportunities in both government and non-government organizations that work across various countries. Even private businesses will need such people for ensuring that their operations across countries are running successfully.

Literature is another subject that connects various nations. The literature of one language is enjoyed by people of various nations. All works of literature have great lessons for the modern man. Diploma in literature is not only interesting but also provides you the opportunity to get a good job. Teaching is one of the options as also writing books and articles. More than ever, students today need counseling due to the pressure of many types. They are under stress because of the pressure to score high. There are also various other disturbances that they go through. Some homes do not provide the right atmosphere for children. All these kids need counseling and a diploma in psychology can arm you to help these kids.