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The diploma course deals with marketing principles combined with advertising methods. The course also teaches a student to work as a public relations personnel. This has huge scope considering that every company needs a person to deal with the media. A diploma holder can easily get a job in either the marketing or advertisement departments.

The diploma courses show another important avenue of mass communication-journalism. It teaches the students everything about journalism and ethics in journalism. It teaches people to exploit social media and digital platforms for marketing. Reaching people through mobile platforms is also taught in this course.

The Diploma course starts with a short history of films. It also teaches you the fundamentals of direction. The course offers you a chance to take up anyone subject for specialization. You can either specialize in direction, film editing, or cinematography. There is also an opportunity to do some short film projects during the course.

The career options are innumerable once you have completed this course. You could straightaway start with being an assistant director or an assistant cinematographer as per your specialization. There is also an opportunity for you to start making your own short films.

TapEnrol gives places before you a wide array of diploma courses for you to choose from. Be an independent designer or work in a team – the choice is entirely yours with a diploma.

Here they will be taught the basics of multimedia, animation, photography, 3-D designing, and visual communication along with teaching the use of design tools.

This is more of a career-oriented course like the certificate course and the student is prepared to join work straight after the course. A detailed study about using the techniques practically in an advertisement or product designing will be undertaken. Students will be made to do industry-specific projects to help in practical application.

The diploma course is aimed at making a creator, animator, designer, and artist of any student. The course will help the students in developing their skills in creating video games. They will get the opportunity to work with game developing companies as part of the course.

Career opportunities are immense with the diploma in hand. Video game developers, animation companies, and other multimedia companies will be ready to take a diploma holder in this stream.