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The master's degree course in different beauty care branches is for those who wish to achieve the position of researcher in the cosmetic industry. They become familiar with the making of these cosmetics and research into ways of making new formulations for beauty care. Those who get a master's degree can also become independent researchers who will publish papers about cosmetics and beauty care products. There are different programs like skincare, advanced cosmetic sciences, dermatological sciences, etc. All these courses are meant for students who have already completed their bachelor’s degree in cosmetic science or respective courses.

The universities in Singapore offer exceptional research facilities for the master's students. This includes laboratory facilities where students can create solid, semisolid, and liquid products themselves. The colleges are equipped with the latest equipment and instruments to analyze different products. The students will also be taught about the regulations in various countries for the manufacture and sales of cosmetics and other beauty care products. You can also specialize in different beauty care methods like skincare, haircare, etc. The master's degree will also cover the commercial and marketing aspects of cosmetics so that you are ready to start working in the top beauty care companies in the world.