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The master’s degree is an advanced program that teaches its students about the dangers faced by software, embedded systems, cloud computing, etc. They are taught how to identify the threats and then fight them accordingly. Engineers are taught to design secure systems. They are also taught to ensure network and computer security.

The main topics which are covered are malware detection and analysis, cryptography and its applications, image protection, and biometric techniques. Career options including cybersecurity consultants, information security specialists, and digital forensics professions.

At the master’s level, students learn how to store and distribute huge amounts of data. These data are analyzed for the insights they provide. They are then used in the development of the organization. The student learns to convert the huge amount of data into useful information.

This is a branch of IT. The study focuses on mathematics and algorithms. The study is essential to analyze the data for use in the company. A master’s degree holder can hope to be employed as a data analyst, statistician, engineering analyst.

The Master’s Degree in computer science teaches advanced software development skills. It also teaches the student to develop new software and apply it for various purposes. A master in this subject study programming architecture and artificial intelligence. He can write the programs for very high-end software.

Some of the master’s courses are more oriented towards software engineering, information systems, and gaming. A holder of this degree can get employment at various levels. He can either become a teacher of the same subject or do research on this. He can head to the software development department of any big company.