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There are various courses at the master's level as far as medicine is concerned. One can specialize in a variety of medical practices and research in the master's program. Knowing the effects of treatments and medicines on humans is as important as practicing them. The master's course in clinical research help students to learn about the effectiveness of treatment. Any treatment that promises to cure a disease must be proved to have the effect that is claimed and also be safe for humans. Learning this will help students to do research on various new medicines and get gainful employment in both government agencies and pharma companies.

Doctors are not the only ones that work in a hospital. Managing the hospital is equally important to ensure that it gives the benefits it offers to the patients. Healthcare management is a very serious subject that is highly valued today with the construction of multispecialty hospitals. These hospitals need excellent management to make them function well. The master's degree course in healthcare management can give students immense job opportunities as new health facilities are coming up. Singapore universities also offer a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine which is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and safety.