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There is no need to say how big the hospitality industry is. Everyone knows that it is the fastest growing industry and the job opportunities are immense. Hotel management and hospitality are not just limited to hotels, but also include the management of different other facilities like spas, clubs, service apartments, etc. Jobs are plenty in the travel segment too. Travel agencies also offer jobs to those qualified in hospitality studies. The master’s degree in hotel management and hospitality will place the person directly in the managerial or executive position. The degree will equip the students with all the skills required to manage a hospitality facility with specialization in any one of the preferred segments.

There are master’s programs offered in various universities in Singapore. These programs will impart all the skills required to manage a hotel or club. There are various functions in a hotel that need to be supervised and a master’s degree in hotel management equips the student with the required knowledge for this. Apart from managing the facility students also learn how to market the property to customers across the globe. They get knowledge about the hospitality industry around the world and what international clients will be looking for. The master’s degree course will include a period of internship in any one of the good hotels so that the students can know practically the challenges faced by the industry. They will also be required to submit a paper based on their practical experience.