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Humanities and social sciences comprise the study of many things that are directly connected to human life in society. The study helps students to know about the impact of various aspects of humans and how they can be used for the betterment of society. The interaction and behavior of humans in relation to social, economic, cultural, and political contexts are studied in these subjects. While subjects in humanities tend to be more analytical and philosophical, the social sciences subjects are more scientific. What is common with these subjects is that they are all connected to human life in society.

The range of subjects that come under these is numerous. You have various segments like anthropology, criminology, politics, philosophy, psychology, geography, etc. which are all concerned with human behavior. You also learn history to know how society has developed and evolved over the years. The master's degree course can either put you directly on a job or take you to research these subjects. The job opportunities will depend on what course you have studied. Singapore universities offer a wide range of subjects in different colleges. You must be sure of your interest before you join a course because these subjects need a lot of passion to use them properly and to excel in your profession.