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The advantage of learning the beauty and personal care is that you can keep adding skills so that you will be able to give different treatments to people. Many short courses help you acquire new skills. Physical appearance is very important to most people and the shape of the body comes has a very high priority. You can learn skills like non-surgical breast enhancement which is gaining much popularity. You can also get trained in eyebrow shaping and eyelash extensions in short courses. These are very good for people already in the beauty industry and looking to give more services to their clients.

Facials are probably one of the most common beauty treatments that people undergo. You can learn to administer different types of facials to people. You will learn the advantages of these facials and use them effectively to satisfy the requirements of your clients. Skincare is very important in the beauty care industry. There are certificate courses that will teach you different skincare processes like dermabrasion, skincare peels, exfoliation, etc. Laser treatments are becoming very popular for their effectiveness and safety. You can learn to provide different types of laser therapies in the aesthetic clinics in Singapore. Such people are in high demand and you can expect to earn a handsome salary.