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For those who want to make it to the world of real Fashion Design in the shortest time in Singapore, our certificate course in Fashion Design is certainly the right option for you. It comprises the most important elements of Fashion Design as design studios, export houses, fashion retail, garment manufacturing, an online fashion business, and more.

Since the real purpose of this course is to help our students acquire the best professional attitude and aptitude towards Fashion Design, each and every element is taught with a constant emphasis on the real Fashion world which is usually done through various projects in Singapore.

TapEnrol has identified many certificate courses which are available for aspiring musicians and musicologists. These courses are a stepping stone to doing a diploma or degree in music. These courses understand the students’ capabilities and inclinations. Students will be taught the basics of music and learn how to listen to music.

They are also taught the initial steps on how to conduct music. Learning the notations and writing them down is also included in the course. A certificate course prepares the student well for more specialized learning. Good music teachers groom the student to find out his kind of music or instrument.

The certificate course covers the basics of interior design. It gives an insight into the practical aspects of interior design. Working the computers to get the designs is taught. He is also taught the differences between designing the interiors of various buildings like residential, commercial, or office building.

He is taught the use and placement of furniture and fixtures inside a building. It gives him basic ides of decoration and materials used for it. He is also guided as to what he needs to learn more for each kind of interior. Designing a bedroom is not the same as designing a conference hall.

These courses generally refine an artist. A theatre or dance artist is taught the basic techniques which will make his performance better. The student also learns to collaborate with a troop. He learns the art of joint performance. He also gets a chance to know about professional dance and theatre troupes and how to be part of them.

The certificate course allows the artist to go to various professions. They can apply to other schools as dance teachers. They can become choreographers in various films or TV shows. The course will also teach them to manage a troupe and find performance opportunities.

The certificate course helps in identifying the underlying talents of an artist. It helps him to find out his strengths and weaknesses. The course can help a student to firm up his existing skills and go on to practice his talent for his living. It will also help students to get prepared for future higher courses.

With a basic certificate course, the person can find jobs at various places. They can be employed by interior designers, museums and art galleries, and by auction houses. They will also find employment with apparel manufacturers and advertising agencies.