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Certificate and other short courses are excellent ways of filling gaps in your knowledge. When you have studied a branch of engineering, there are so many areas where you would like to have some more knowledge. These requirements can be easily fulfilled by certificate courses. These courses are short and you can study when you are working or studying other courses. Short courses are also conducted at convenient times or online so that you don't have to take time off from your job or main course. When you are in a job and find that some additional skills can help you advance in your career you can study certificate courses in those special areas and make yourself ready for the next position in your career.

Certificate courses in engineering foundation will help those who want to do their engineering degree. These courses focus on making you ready for your degree course with updates on physics and mathematics as required by the engineering course. Certificate courses like infrastructure support are useful for those who are in the IT industry. If you are already in a filmmaking or video production job, a certificate in motion design can greatly help you. You can do your job better and also look for career advancement. You have a choice of aeronautic and marine engineering certificate courses for those aiming for such a career.