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Singapore universities and colleges offer a variety of English certificate courses that help students to gain proficiency in the language. The certificate in academic English can help students to gain a good proficiency in the language to help them do their higher education with ease. There is also a certificate course in general English that helps you in improving your knowledge of the language. This course helps everyone to improve their English writing skills that are needed both for your higher education and profession. The other important certificate course is for preparing students to write tests for international English language testing like IELTS. The certificate course for business English helps people to improve their communication in the language in their jobs and business.

The certificate course for Anglia International English examination helps teachers to improve their English proficiency and get a certificate recognizing their skills in the language. This will help teachers without any other English teaching qualification. There are also certificate courses in English that will help many students to gain knowledge in the language. This is very helpful for those who are not from English-speaking countries but would like to do their higher education in those countries or work there. They can learn English the way it is spoken in those countries and get the fluency in both writing and reading. Anyone who can spare a little time from their studies or job can attend the short courses to improve their fluency in English.