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A certificate course in philosophy helps you learn many things like the relationships between the past and the present, how humans influence the way the world functions, etc. This course offers a lot of job opportunities because it talks about logical reasoning and conceptual analysis. Those who are studying law can surely benefit from a certificate course in philosophy. Art and architecture also are closely related to philosophy because they are dependent on the society and culture of a place. If you are going for teaching as a profession, a short course in philosophy will greatly help you. Professions like public relations, religion, public policymaking, human resources, etc. also gain a lot by having a knowledge of philosophy.

The other useful certificate courses are in languages. Learning a language is always beneficial for your profession. Whether you are employed in a company or running your own business, learning an extra language is always beneficial. This is especially true in a multicultural society like Singapore where you have people of different ethnicities. Those who are interested in studying higher education or working abroad must do a certificate course in English which will put them in an advantageous position. There are different English language courses serving different purposes. There are also certificate courses in psychology for those who can use the extra qualification in their professions.