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The certificate course is a more focused course. It teaches students already learning other courses, more about communication. People who are working in marketing or advertising departments will find this certificate course useful. The course will teach the focussed communication through different media. Students can also take these courses in visual communication or advertisement designs.

People who specialized in other subjects, wanting to share their knowledge through the media can use this course to know how to reach more people. There are certificate courses for the use of social media for communication and advertisement.

A certificate course at Tap Enrol gets you into the film or media industry in the quickest time. The course will get you ready to join the industry as a member of the crew, ready to work and move upwards. The idea is to get to know the industry and its working.

The certificate course gives you an overview of all departments of filmmaking like cinematography, direction, editing, production, etc. The course helps you to understand the basics of all departments of filmmaking thus helping you to join in any of the departments, ready to learn more.

The certificate course will teach the students basic designing and typography techniques. This course is good for those who want to work in a graphic design company or an advertising company under the creative head. It will help them learn to use what they learned in a profession.

The course will teach them the use of basic illustration tools like Illustrator and imaging software like Photoshop. He will also be given instructions for combining text with pictures. The course also teaches the skill of using color to bring out an attractive design. They will also be given an overview of the history of graphic designs and their various applications.

The certificate course will give knowledge about animation, games design, etc. to students. The course will equip the students to join any gaming or multimedia company and join a team of multimedia experts. He will learn enough about gaming software and its applications. The certificate course is meant to help a person join employment immediately.

The student will be ready to join any company that is involved in the multimedia sector. Not just gaming companies but also others who are into video designs and use of multimedia for web designing etc.