Singapore – The Education Destination Of The World

Singapore – The Education Destination Of The World

It is not just students from Singapore but also those from around the world who are trying to get admission in the prestigious universities in Singapore. It is not just because Singapore is a highly developed nation with a multicultural society, that students are attracted to study here. It is also because the universities in Singapore are placed among the top in the world. The standard of education offered in these institutions match, if not surpass, those in other popular universities around the globe. The government in Singapore places very high importance on education and this reflects in the colleges in the country. It is not just in university education but also in school education that you can see a very high standard in the syllabus. The high standard of education benefits the students in many ways including finding excellent careers in the best companies in the world.

Why Studying In Singapore Is Good For International Students?

There are numerous reasons why the top universities in Singapore are best for students from different countries to do their higher studies. The first reason is the high standard of education offered by these universities. Many of the universities in Singapore appear among the top best universities in the world. These universities boast of the best faculty that you can find anywhere in the world. You can find both academically and professionally highly qualified teachers in these universities. There are also ample opportunities for students to apply what they have studied practically. That the medium of education in these universities is English is another big reason that international students find for joining the universities in Singapore.

Though the UK and US may still be the most preferred countries for education, the extremely high cost of studying in those countries prevents many students from going there. Comparatively, Singapore offers the same standard of education at a much lesser cost. This is highly advantageous for those students who cannot afford education in those countries. Companies around the globe place a degree from Singapore on the same level as the one you get from the US and UK. This makes studying in Singapore an excellent option. Foreign students studying in the top universities in Singapore for business management will never feel out of place because of the multicultural society here. Communication is also very easy for students from anywhere in the world because most people understand and speak English in this island nation.

Getting Familiar With The Top Universities In Singapore

For those who are interested in joining a business school in top universities in Singapore, it is worth getting familiar with them. Singapore has over thirty universities of which six are national. All of these universities teach a variety of subjects in colleges under them. You can find a course in all the subjects that you can find anywhere in the world. Many of the universities teach almost all the branches of a college education. Of the universities, The National University of Singapore and The Nanyang Technological University often feature among the top university lists published by reputed agencies.

The National University of Singapore is the top educational and research university of Singapore offering 17 faculties on their three campuses. They offer courses ranging from science to management to music. The courses are available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The top colleges in Singapore under this university include the Duke-NUS Medical School in collaboration with the Duke University of USA, the Lee Kuan Yew School Of Public Policy, and the Yale-NUS College, both of which collaborate with the Yale University of USA. The university currently has around 30,000 students from more than 100 countries. The highlight of this university is the high importance it gives for research in various fields like life sciences, biomedicine, engineering, social sciences, etc. 

The Nanyang Technological University is another equally famous university in Singapore that has educated many people who are sitting at the top positions in various prestigious organizations around the globe. The university functions on two campuses in Singapore. It has over 15,000 students of which there are both local and international. The university offers two types of programs that are coursework and research. The university which is among the top 10 universities in Singapore offers courses in Arts, Design, Media, Humanities, Social Sciences, Electronic Engineering, and others. In the research programs, students can research Physical Science, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, Biological Science, and Humanities among others.