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Despite being a small nation in size, Singapore has gained the reputation of being one of the best nations when education is considered. The school levels teach the students to bring out their best talents. At the university level education in Singapore surpasses many nations in quality and the variety of courses that are being offered. There are many reputed universities in Singapore.

Tap Enrol offers you various avenues for your education in Singapore. We offer guidance and assistance in enrolling in courses in various streams at the many universities that populate the nation. With a broadening of the undergraduate courses, Singapore universities offer the best to anyone who wants to excel in education. Detailed list of universities in Singapore offered by Tap Enrol allows students to even collaborate with various to pursue courses.

Diverse courses are available for students who wish to study in various universities in Singapore. Universities in Singapore have based their curriculum on the best syllabi that are being followed by the best universities in the world. This gives students who take up education courses offered by Tap Enrol to become international level graduates or masters.

With curriculums matching that of any other reputed university in the world, Tap Enrol is receiving more and more inquiries regarding education from students of many countries. With 34 highly reputed universities in the country, there is enough opportunity for foreigners to come and study in Singapore. Tap Enrol has facilitated the admissions of various students from different countries in the best universities in Singapore.

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Education in Singapore is considered by far one of the best that is available in the world. Even if you choose to enroll your child in preschool you would have to at least register a year in advance. Singaporeans take pride in the way education is provided to children of all ages. It is irrelevant that the level of school that you go to as starting with kindergarten up till they finish the college education system is nothing short of excellent. This is one of the reasons parents from all over the world send their children to complete their education in Singapore.

The type of recognition that the child gets upon completion of the education in Singapore is amazing. All countries in the world respect the academics provided by the education system in Singapore. The secondary school is where the child can decide and choose the specific career path they wish to pursue. Up until secondary school, the education provided is common in all schools in the country.

You would have to achieve A levels to be considered by universities to take up a course with them. In case you fail to achieve A level you would only be able to pursue further education with technical institutes that are available in Singapore. The entire education system in Singapore is designed in such a way that it supports the social skills of the child along with the strengths that they possess.

As a parent, you must understand that preschool is one of the most important parts of the education that can be provided to your children. Some parents even choose to enroll their children at a much younger age with schools in Singapore. However, the preschool which is one year and kindergarten which is two years essentially forms the core for the child's education.

In preschool and kindergarten children are taught how to speak as well as write. Their basic skills are nurtured along with teaching them English along with a language of their choice. These languages are usually either Tamil, Chinese, or Malay depending on the preference of their parents. Honing of their creativity, writing skills and reading are also included as a part of this period’s learning.

Programs with local kindergartens and childcare centers adhere to starting school by January with a summer break in June and ending in November. The summer break is usually one month. The process of enrolling your children starts sometime during March or by the latest April. This enrolment would be for the classes starting by January for your children.

Choosing a school accredited with Singapore Pre-School Accreditation Framework or SPARK would ensure that you are providing the best education possible for your children. There is also a set of vaccinations that would have to be completed for your child to be considered for education in preschool or kindergarten. You can always consult with your child's pediatrician to know about the vaccinations that have to be completed.

The primary education system for your children starts when your child is seven years old. Four years of foundation and two years of orientation are provided for your children in primary education in Singapore. The child would learn to comprehend better in English, improve their spoken and written skills with their mother tongue and basic math.

Extra-curricular activities are also an essential part of your children's education as per the Singaporean education system. However, different schools have different extracurricular activities on offer for children. Hence it is important for you as a parent to know if your child's interest matches the extra-curricular activities provided by the schools that you wish to enroll them with.

There are said to be around 20 schools that care for children with special needs. Mental disabilities that do not allow them to be part of the usual primary schools in Singapore can be admitted to these schools. These schools have s a customized curriculum for children who suffer from mental or physical disabilities. The special needs children are taken care of by teachers who specialize in teaching children who have special needs and require special attention. This feasible approach is said to provide alternative education for children with special needs.

As a parent, it would always be your desire to enroll your children with the best schools in Singapore. There are a few things that you would have to look at to give your children the best possible education in Singapore. In the first place, getting a list of accredited schools in Singapore from the ECDA (Early Childhood Development Agency) is important. This would allow you to select an accredited school for your child that is following the Singapore Pre-School Accreditation Framework. Based on the child’s interest as well as the school closest to your home you can choose a school from this list of schools.

However, for children to be enrolled in childcare look for schools that are licensed with MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development). For children to be enrolled in kindergarten you should choose schools in Singapore that are registered with the MSF.

What is special about colleges in Singapore is that they offer a very high-quality education. They come under the various reputed universities in the island nation. College education in Singapore is ranked among the best in the world. With high standards of education and a curriculum that is on par with any place on the planet, these colleges are sought after by many students around the world.

Tap Enrol can get you admission to any of the colleges in Singapore for the many courses that they offer. There are a variety of courses like engineering, management, finance, science, fine arts, etc. which are all highly useful in one’s life. These courses are taught by highly qualified faculty. Tap Enrol’s listed colleges in Singapore are of the highest standards and are suitable for study for any foreign student.

Colleges in Singapore offer not just undergraduate courses but also a master’s degree in various streams. The availability of facilities to do research is another reason why students from many countries rush to Tap Enrol’s colleges in Singapore. Colleges under the top universities in Singapore offer students an education of international quality and also allows them to interact with various faculty from colleges in other countries.

Tap Enrol can help foreign students to get admission to many colleges in Singapore. We can advise you regarding the facilities in the different colleges and which ones are good for the course that you want to do. Tap Enrol will also guide you through the procedure as we have done for many students who got admission in colleges in Singapore.