Applied Pure Sciences

Without science, the world would have been a much different place. We would probably live life as the hunters-gatherers that we were in the beginning. Without science, you wouldn't have had the technology. Of course, without science, there could never be any cure for diseases or way to predict natural calamities. Science helps in the designing and construction of various modern machines that help us live a better life. It helps make work easier, makes us healthier, and makes the world a much smaller place. Science can be broadly classified into two. Applied science and Pure science.

To put it simply pure science is the science of finding why things happen the way they do and formulating theories on that basis. The study also helps to make a lot of predictions. In pure science, you don't think about how the findings or the theories can be applied to our life. It only studies the events in nature and tries to explain it. What you learn in Chemistry, Physics or Biology can be said to be pure sciences. The study is mostly limited to the laboratory.

As the name suggests Applied science deals with the application of theories and predictions developed in pure science. Engineering, technology, research, and development, etc. come under applied sciences. This deals with how the theories of pure science can be used to make our lives better. Without this, there will be no use for studying pure science. But both branches of science are essential for life and this is why they are being taught in various universities in Singapore. You can study the subject at various levels like masters, bachelor or diploma courses.

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