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Singapore universities offer bachelor's degree courses in various subjects in humanities and social science. Psychology is probably the only science that can help in understanding the human mind and how it will work in different situations. It helps in relieving human beings of various tensions that we suffer. In a world that is becoming more and more competitive in every sphere, mental tension and stress are very high. The only way to get relief from this is to seek counseling from a qualified psychologist. A bachelor's degree in psychology helps you to learn how to guide people to taking correct decisions and avoid unnecessary mental stress. The course will also help you in mending various relationships that are on the brink of breaking.

The other courses in humanities include human resource development and management. This is a very useful course that is needed in all organizations. The job opportunities are immense for graduates in this subject. Singapore universities offer various language courses that have immense value when it comes to employment opportunities. With businesses growing beyond the shores of every country, the fluency in different languages is always useful. There are many other courses in humanities which include the study of different arts. Even those who have a flair for arts need to learn the subject systematically so that they can use their talents as a profession. Studying subjects like geography helps in increasing job opportunities.