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The master's degree in applied and pure sciences is the stepping stone to research in these subjects. Without research, there cannot be any new inventions. All the gadgets and devices that help make life easier are built on certain theories in science. These theories were formulated after much research done by scientists. The research can be in various subjects. Such research in biology has helped to save a lot of lives by leading to the invention of new medicines. Studying physics is what leads to the building of various devices that are used by medical experts to save lives.

It is not enough to understand how nature functions and discovering theories. Unless you can use these theories for the benefit of living things on earth, there is no use in doing such research. Learning applied science can teach you to use these theories for inventing gadgets and devices that can be useful for us. A master's degree in applied science can see you enter into research and development work which is highly valued as that is what helps to build new machines and make existing devices more efficient.

You can join master’s courses in various subjects such as Bio-medical science that helps invent devices that help doctors to treat their patients in a better way.