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There are various master's degree courses in English that you can study in Singapore. English is an excellent language to learn because of the rich literature that it has to offer. Doing a master's in English will take you deep into the language and its history. A master in English gets a chance to get close to the various poets and authors in English who have contributed greatly to literature and society as a whole. The master's course will also help you learn English grammar in better detail. You will understand why English is spoken in the way it is done. You will get to know more about English pronunciations and the peculiarities of the language. A master's degree in English is sure to make you more proficient in the language.

The employment prospects for a postgraduate in English are also immense. You can easily become an English teacher making more students proficient in the language. English postgraduate holders can get jobs like librarians because of their knowledge of English literature. Holding a master's degree also paves the way for research on the language. There is still a lot of research going on about the language and its literature. You can also become an expert in English from various countries in the world. You can also earn money by writing meanings and explanations about poems that will help students.