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Tap Enrol can get you admission in many accounting short courses. These courses range from the basics to a higher level of knowledge in accounting. They also teach bookkeeping and other necessities an accountant should have. These courses prepare a student to work in a company in the accounts or finance department.

The basic level of accounting short courses teach the basics of accounting like double-entry and credit and debit. They also teach you to generate the basic reports necessary for the accounts department. The next level of Tap Enrol’s accounting short courses will deal with a little more complex things like bank reconciliation and differences between bank and company statements. The certificate courses are meant only to give the basic education for working in the accounts department. The career opportunities are very high for this position.

At an advanced level of accounting short courses, the student learns about profitability and how to calculate it. They are also taught payroll accounts. They also learn to calculate taxes. They learn about capital investments and purchase of machinery etc. Another use of accounting short courses is for students who wish to take up other business courses. They can study this on the side so that they are also aware of the accounting procedures.

Tap Enrol has many accounting short courses where it can offer admission to whichever level the students want to complete. These courses are highly useful for those who want to immediately embark on a career. Students pursuing business or law courses also find these courses useful.

The certificate course teaches more basic stuff. The course teaches to prepare financial statements for submission to authorities. It teaches students to prepare and analyze fund flow charts. The students also learn to prepare financial analysis reports of the company. They are also taught how to forecast the fund requirements for a company.

The course also involves the study of planning for capital expenditures. It trains them to cost analysis and to calculate returns on investment. Students of this course learn the basics of profit calculation and analysis.