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There are many certificate courses for IT security. These are offered by many of the computer or networking companies themselves like Microsoft and CISCO. There are other courses also of which the most reputed is the CISSP Certification. It is an independent certification that is much in demand by many companies.

The certificate course teaches access control, application security, cryptography, disaster recovery management, and risk management. The career options are many with companies hiring people to protect their data and network.

The certificate courses are more specific. Students can choose to study a particular area of computing. It could be learning to develop games or relating mobile software or about networking. All these are part of computer science. The student will be taught the programming and software for that particular application. He may learn to develop websites or to make gaming software.

The job opportunities are many. As the certificate course concentrates more on the practical part of computing, the student is ready for the job as soon as he has passed the course. Many software companies and developers are looking for students with a certificate. Some non-IT companies also appoint such people in their IT department.

Various certificate courses are available in this stream. Each course deals with different aspects of data science and big data. Most courses teach SAS programming skills. They also teach how to access and transform data. This is followed by learning how to manipulate the data for use in companies. Students learn to work with Hadoop, Hive, Pig, and SAS.

Apart from teaching students also get to use real-time data for studies. The certifications include big data preparation, statistics, and visual exploration, big data programming, and learning, predictive modeling, etc. Certificate holders can find a lot of career opportunities.